The Midland Press facility was a large project for Trinity Mirror in Birmingham. There were several specialist systems to factor in to the coordination. The printing press environment needs to be kept at a specific humidity to prevent the fast moving paper from breaking. There were vapourising system running around the huge press. 

There were 12 printing and paper stations situated within the press tower which was on several levels.

Unsurprisingly there was also a comprehensive fire suppression, sprinkler system running throughout the tower. As with many other jobs involving sprinklers, we coordinated the system and issued the coordinated drawings back to the sprinkler contractor to allow them to produce their official scheme.

There was a large elevated viewing area on an upper floor with a full floor to ceiling glass wall showing off the press as a feature.

The services, therefore, needed to be coordinated so they did not impede this view and looked tidy an unobtrusive.