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BIM Compliance - Without The Headache

BIM Compliance - Without The Headache


It is important to stress that Level 2 BIM compliance levels can be easily achieved without switching software packages and with reasonably little change in current approaches to projects.

With 2016 approaching many firms are still unclear about what is required by the government to implement their construction strategy. To be seen to react to this the standard strategy has been to insist new projects are done in Revit even though most firms have identified the negative impact this typically has on drawing accuracy and output times. Ironic as the point of the 2011 Government for the introduction of BIM has the overall strategy of making the industry more efficient.

At Blue Thorn we have developed a solution where the data families and downloads are defined by the tech subs and automatically compared against the model. This gives us some significant advantages compared to systems which download schedules from the models

  • All scheduled equipment will be picked up on a data drop whether it is modelled or not.
  • Any anomalies between the technical submission and the graphical model are automatically identified.
  • Any change in the schedules equipment is immediately picked up on the data drop without it having to be reflected in the drawing (and raises a flaf that the model no longer reflects the tech sub)

Note that this is still a fully automated system, refering to database to gather all of the information required.

Blue Thorn has been using full clash detection for the last decade using standard modelling methods and all our hyperlinking can be done retrospectively to the specifications of Facilities Managers. We will therefore surpass the governmental criteria for projects after 2016.

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