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Building Information Modelling (BIM)
Building Information Modelling is a term applied to the collection and management of data on a construction project. The term itself is quite woolly as project data comes in many forms and guises.

A more constructive way of working with it is to look at the BIM levels document as set out in the government document PAS 1192-2. This follows on from the notorius 'Government Construction Strategy' document published in 2011. This is a document that has been much quoted but little read.

It is worth bearing in mind the purpose of this document is not to get the UK construction industry to use BIM, it is to get the construction industry to become far more efficient using BIM as one of the tools. This should be borne in mind when deciding BIM strategy.

3D CAD Coordination
The company turnover is predominantly generated by undertaking CAD work packages on either a fixed price or hourly paid dependant on the individual client's requirements, to provide 3D coordinated Building Services installation drawings.

These work packages are often inclusive of varying levels of     'off-site' Pre-Fabrication and Modularisation.

We have a whole section devoted to this topic. click the link to to get to the CAD Coordination section.

With the creation of the 3D model we have the ability to create images showing the computer's 3D representation of a scene. This may take several forms.
For 3D engineering information we have Navisworks. For presentational information we have more sophisticated systems where images can be rendered in a more complex manner.
We are also able to undertake sun studies at various sites or for advanced presentational material we can take the next step to animation.
Animation can be used as a powerful selling tool for use in presentations as well as a tool for showing proposed engineering methods.
We have had several projects to create animations using Autodesk 3DS Max, these can be seen in case studies under 'Animation'.
Most have these have been for final presentations for companies on big projects but some have been explaining engineering techniques.
Since our inception we have written our own software for modelling 3D building services as well as for a variety of other tasks.

Currently the software is being rewritten for Microsofts .net framework.It is our intention to make this software available for download when it is complete. Currently we have put a couple of our custom programs for download.                                                        

All of the visualisation and animation you see on this site was modelled using our EasyBuild package. Click through to the Software page.