Achieve genuine ductwork fabrication detailing ready for the shop

Producing ductwork drawings to a fabrication standard is a very exacting process. Simply using the correct fabricators database will not result in a shop-ready fabrication drawing. Blue Thorn understand the duct manufacturing process and the cost and installation factors which drive it. Our close liaison with the fabricators ensures your final duct solution is fabricated in the most economical way, detailing relevant numbering and standards (DW-144, DW-172 etc.), duct manufacturing processes and costs.

Working with ductwork CAM

Blue Thorn successfully used CADDuct on a project to allow models to be exported straight into a CAM machine for fabrication. We have worked collaboratively with Hotchkiss Air Supply and their technical team to produce CADDuct drawings which were implemented straight into their CAM systems.

As there was no room for error, we also wrote a number of bespoke programs which would check through the model to ensure no elementary mistakes had been made. Your Blue Thorn team will work with your duct fabricators to ensure our drawings as accurate as possible, reducing redrawing times.