Planning accessible and functional plantrooms

Plantrooms are the beating heart of any building, creating the services that make the building live. Blue Thorn have worked on hundreds of plantrooms, both large and small, and understand that they are one of the most challenging areas to lay out. Whatever your service generation type, be it boilers, chillers or rainwater capture, the odds are we have done it many times before. Blue Thorn understand that space restrictions can be a challenge. With careful organisation, your Blue Thorn team will achieve a neat, operational area in your plantroom with all maintenance and CDM requirements catered for.

Creating maintainable and streamlined risers

If plantrooms are the heart of a building, the risers are the main veins and arteries that distribute services around the building. There are many things to consider, including expansion, anchoring, and bracketing due to the long vertical lengths. Then there’s the fire-rating, door supports and connectivity with the service on the floors that can trip up the unwary, and ultimately safety when dealing with these deep shafts. Your Blue Thorn team will carefully consider all of this, as well as the detailing of flooring, kick plates, safety rails, and service penetrations.

Modularised Risers

Blue Thorn have completed many prefabricated, modularised risers. These risers have spanned up to four floors at a time and have been craned into place, joined together, and connected with the floors. The requirement for this to be right first time means we have been selected time after time by firms to carry out these tasks.