Having completed a successful large project for Crown house, doing the full coordination and the enormous amount of prefab required for the project all within the Revit 2017 (unfortunately subject to an NDA), we were chosen to do all the prefabrication modelling and drawing for The large Brighton 3Ts Hospital Project. 


This job had been coordinated by another company who had included the basic module frames. We remodelled the Revit 2016 solution using Revit 2017 which allowed us to use Fabrication Parts. We had to develop the module frame and adjust the service layouts for practical fabrication and installation.

The key to success when doing fabrication is to have a very close collaboration with the facility that is making the stuff. Each fan shop will have different methods, standards and expectations. We have a close working relationship with the Laing O Rourke prefab workshop and have visited many times to ensure what we do works.


We successfully delivered all of the prefabrication distribution and riser modules to the prefabrication shop. On the back of this we were given several more areas on this project to work on from Crown House