Preferred suppliers of prefabrication detailing to the big players

Understanding of prefabrication relies on knowledge and experience. Mistakes made in these drawings by companies can result in very expensive errors on site. Large construction companies understand this, which is why Blue Thorn are preferred suppliers for Crown House/Laing O Rourke, NG Bailey and T Clarke to provide drawings for their prefabrication workshops, even when we have not worked on the coordinated base model. Our clients know we understand the intricacies of this modelling and trust us to deliver time after time. Every contract we complete adds to our experience – experience we can bring to your prefabrication need.

Achieving prefabrication detailing within the graphical model

Blue Thorn are at the forefront of introducing the full detailing of prefabricated items, including skids and modules, within our Revit graphical model on large projects. We are in the vanguard of achieving this successfully and have developed many techniques to aid and improve this process. This ensures that every detail of the install is accurately reflected in your graphical model, be it skids, modules or spools.

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