We were asked by Dornan to work doing the prefabrication project on the Astra Zenica building in Stockholm. This is their main European production site and is intensively serviced by the many systems necessary to run it. The original 3D modelling for this site (done by others) had not produced the ductwork model to a standard where it could be fabricated. We were tasked with taking this model and producing the ductwork fabrication spool drawings.


ll of the coordination has been done by a third party company using Revit 2015. When we received the model we re-modelled¬† the entire ductwork distribution systems using Autodesk’s FabMEP (Revit 2015 was not advanced enough to create accurate prefabrication drawings).

The coordination of all of the ductwork needed to be evaluated so, in translating the graphical model from Revit to FabMEP, we did not produce a blind copy, instead we amended the model to practically allow prefabrication.


All of the ductwork fabrication drawings were delivered on time to the prefabrication centre, manufactured and delivered to site on time.