This high quality Grade A office space in central London. Having put together a range of plantroom skids for Crown House on a previous job, they came to us when they needed a hand to get plant area prefabricated skids to their prefab shop in time to meet a sharp schedule.


Unlike the previous prefabricated skids we had produced using Revit 2017, these skids were produced in Revit 2016, a much inferior system for creating prefab drawings. These skids had been week developed by the Crown House modellers. We had to break them up into the individual spools, make some amendments to ensure all of the spools were all fully supported properly and had to add additional structure to the skid to ensure this happened.

The real difficulty here was the time we had to turn these modules around and get the prefab drawings to the prefab shop.


We had the ability to re-organise our resource over a short period of time, including the weekend. As we now have so many staff who are fully conversant with creating prefabricated models and producing prefabrication drawings, we were able to successfully turn these around in the timescale.