Our Strength is Our Team

Blue Thorn have one of the largest teams of full time BIM operators in the country. We are not beholden to contractors or subject to the variable quality of a temporary workforce. Your Blue Thorn team is trained, experienced and kept up to date with the latest techniques in BIM management and production. This means we can, and do, take on the largest jobs.

IT Infrastructure Durability

Blue Thorn have a fully-networked, modern server set up with offsite back-ups taken daily. The server is monitored by our technical support 24 hours a day and is regularly maintained to keep us running smoothly. We also have continuity insurance and planning in place to ensure that if anything happened to our infrastructure we would be up and running on your project again as soon as possible.

The Latest Software

Your Blue Thorn team are highly trained in, and use Revit, FabMEP, AutoCAD, Navis Manage, 3DS Max and Recap software on a daily basis. The team have licences for the entire range of Autodesk’s construction software in order to meet the specific needs of your project.

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