We were selected by Crown House (of Laing-O-Rourke) to coordinate the New International Pier at Birmingham Airport. This involved the coordination of all services from the external Chiller compound at Apron level to the high level Louvres at Departures.


This project required liaison with the CHt Project Engineering Team, CHt Off-Site Manufacturing Team, Specialist Sub-Contractors as well as the Professional Team to design and spatially co-ordinate the Service and Pre-Fabrication Elements with the Building Construction.

The Arrivals ceiling void corridor and plant space and the Apron level Boiler House were the most heavily serviced areas and were detailed to enable off-site manufacture off all Pump Skids, Distribution Pipework Mains, Ventilation Systems and Fire Protection Services.

The Pipework Pre-Fabrication element of this project consisted of four separate activities

  • Apron Plant Skids – designed to support the pumps, associated valves and headers to maximise off-site ‘hot’ work and minimise on site labour requirements whilst maintaining a minimal o/a footprint due to the restricted internal space available.
  • Arrivals ventilation plant room horizontal and vertical pipe racks – to support the main distribution chilled water and heating mains feeding the air handling plant.
  • Loose spools detailing the interconnecting pipework to link up the plant skids, pipe racks and equipment.
  • Arrivals corridor prefabrication modules, a series of 57 individual modules containing distribution pipework


The visually stunning airport pier has been completed using extensive prefabrication for both the distribution and plant items