Horizon Community College (formerly known as Kingston Holgate) is located in Barnsley. This large development combined several schools and adult learning facilities in the area. It also provided a large recreational facility for the area.


It was a requirement of Crown House Technologies to use as much prefabrication of MEP services as possible. This philosophy included all distribution areas, risers and the energy centre.

To this end Blue Thorn developed several types of modules for the different system but endeavoured to maintain consistency throughout the modules to reduce the number of different types and allow more streamlined production of the modules

We produced a series of skids  and designed complex high level modules for the Energy Centre.


A highly modularised, successful installation. The total installation was completed in far safer conditions than a traditional install. The key to this was to have a design completed early so, when the modules had been detailed, there was minimal rework before they were sent to the prefabrication shop to be constructed from our drawings.