BTT worked with Interserve on the new dental hospital, the first stand-alone dental hospital and teaching facility to be built in the UK in the last four decades. Opened by The Queen it provides state-of-the-art research facilities  for over 600 students and trainees.

This was our first large project using Revit, in fact the horribly clunky Revit 2012.


We were scoped to coordinate the main plant area and a fair proportion of the distribution.

Revit 2012 was a very difficult tool to achieve a coordination project but we had to start somewhere. Whilst we had the knowledge and experience to coordinate this much of our early work was to assess how best to use Revit.

The coordination was also challenging as the intensive services ran in large floor trenches as well as above the ceilings. Battling Revit 2012, a dubious stage 4 design and a very constrained service routing area we developed our Revit techniques to fit our normal coordination methods.


A successful, if not painless, coordination of this flagship facility with all drawings Revit delivered. This proved to be a valuable start in our assessment and control of Revit systems to deliver an accurate, high quality drawing solution.