This was coordination of services on the prestigious ‘Curve’ theatre at Leicester.

As the name suggests the building is a bold architectural statement and this uniquely shaped building presented all sorts of challenges for our coordination team.

The building was heavily serviced with large atrium areas around the site where the architects specified a clear view all the way up to the underside of the roof. The large glass frontages were covered by brise soleil and services from the main plantroom to either of the two rooftop plantrooms needed to negotiate a route though these louvres.

The large, main plantroom itself was suspended from the outer steel structure to prevent noise breakout to the two main stages below from the outer steel structure. These service lead to risers and fed storeys of many varying shapes and levels.


One of the key elements to success was understanding the importance of preventing noise breakout, particularly from plant areas. To this end the entire plant area had to be modelled in detail to show all supports, spring hangers and all of the other isolation devices that would make this facility work. 

Maintaining the aesthetic interior of the building was another key factor. The curved walls and spaces at oblique angles the structural gridlines not only made this a challenge to coordinate, but also a challenge to accurately convey the setting out of services.

Another issues was enhancing the acoustical performance within the performance space whilst eliminating noise break out throughout the building. Not only to protect the performances space but also all of the many practice areas as well. This involved using particularly heavy lagging on services, avoiding very deep acoustic insulation on some ceiling and walls and checking all of the HVAC attenuation between all spaces.

Most of this coordination needed to be undertaken by our most experienced coordinators.


Officially opened by The Queen, the hanging ceilings, curved auditoriums and audience seating were challenges that were taken on and overcome.

We believe the effort was worth it as the final building looks superb inside and out.