We are happy to announce our latest project is coming along very well.  A member of our team visited our latest project site and was able to take pictures of the progress made.

The pictures taken are snippets of what we’ve been working on. The system used to for this project was our Revit BIM model which helps to give us a scale of how our projects should look like once completed. Latest form of technology is always being acknowledged and used in all of our work as we try our very best to deliver the best service whilst being practical.

To show how accurately our systems work, we managed to get a before and after result of the model which was created on Revit in comparison to how it looks like once constructed. The model was created on Revit, which is the structural system we use for each design we construct 3D designs.

The Blue Thorn Revit BIM Model vs. Current On-site situation delivered prefabrication equipment skid and loose spools is like playing spot the difference. The comparisons between both designs are pretty identical: our programmed modelling is reliable and accurate. In every project orchestrated, we try to maintain and uphold a high standard of work to ensure minimal mistakes made.  It’s amazing to see how the programs we use are able to deliver such accurate designs. Having projects reflect the way we predict them to is our aim.

Mirror image structures are what we aim for every project completed.