As co-founder of Blue Thorn Technology, Jason has worked at Blue Thorn since the start. With a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University Of Bath he originally worked as a Development Engineer for GEC Avionics.

He learned to program AutoCAD in the early nineties using Lisp and went on to develop a 3D building services package which could be used to coordinate quickly and efficiently in 3D when all commercial packages were still very inefficient.

In 2002 he set up Blue Thorn with John Cooper to employ 3D modelling in the construction industry at a time when 2D was prevalent. He spent a lot of time linking databases back to 3D AutoCAD models to create intelligent models which allowed the downloading and analysis of data from the model. Whilst the industry was slow to recognise the potential of this it has left us in a very strong, knowledgeable position in the new Building Information Modelling (BIM) era.

Jason has consistently tried to push the boundaries of what can be achieved in his field but remains very grounded as to the practicality of innovation. He still programs many routines today that help Blue Thorn achieve their accuracy and consistency where competitors may fail.