Blue Thorn has recently joined a wellbeing programme called Thrive at Work. The programme is being run by the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA).
We joined this programme to better the wellbeing, health and lifestyles of our employees.
It’s a promotion of better health & wellbeing as well and other factors such as: healthy and safety, physical health and general healthy lifestyles. To kick-start this movement we’ve decided to supply a selection of fresh fruit weekly for our whole office. We felt that it’d be beneficial to make something as easy as fruit more accessible for those who may not usually eat it daily.

The motivation behind this is to slowly pave the way into healthier eating choices by encouraging small changes in our diets. We believe that consistency is key; by making fruit available widely throughout the office it’d appeal more to everyone in our office and a norm of being able to have their 5-a-day whilst at work.
We’ve given all of our employee’s water bottles to increase their water intake. This will help to give a boost towards a better lifestyle.
This strategy aligns with Theme 4 of the Bronze award which highlights creating a workplace environment that encourages staff to incorporate healthy eating their daily routine.
We are half way through of being accredited a bronze award, which is very exciting! After receiving the Bronze we will receive the ‘Thrive at Work” wellbeing award. Hard work really does pay off!