This is a large residential development in Aldgate which is a mixed use development, combining apartments and penthouses with commercial retail areas and a hotel.

Designed by the prestigious architects Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands, this was a large development on 22 levels plus a large basement area supporting most of the plant areas and a swimming pool.


We initially visited the site while structural construction was underway and used a laser scanner to create a cloud point of the basement. This proved crucial as the coordination of the drainage to the external sewer connection of such a large project was complex and instrumental to success. Several months on we were able to retrospectively identify the myriad of sewer connections from that original survey as well as coordinate around the complex concrete structure.

This success of this means we definitely recommend the cloud point surveying of basement areas on any large structure if an accurate 3D model does not already exist.

We successfully coordinated the drainage throughout the building and connected it to the apartments as it dropped down through the drawing. We approached the project by modelling about eighty typical apartments but also understanding where differences in the building rendered the typical layouts invalid such as drainage stacks crossing rooms. We identified all of these areas at the start and were able to model the require bespoke apartments before issues were discovered on site. 


We ended up with all the apartments installed served by a well throughout and thoroughly maintainable and accessible service generation plant.

At the end of the project we were able to position all typical apartments in every instance they occurred which, when we added our bespoke apartments, was able to demonstrate to the developer the total coordination  in the building.