This is a state-of-the-art broadcast facility for television. It has a distinctly space age interior look with banks of television monitors, top spec acoustic performance and subterranean voids full of cabling. It is all very different to the hulking edifice full of strip-out teams we first encountered on a cold January morning.


This building had no proper structural information which we needed as a base to overlay the new architectural design. Our first task, then, was to carry out a laser scan to achieve a cloud point survey of the entire building. From this we constructed a 3D model of the main structural features we were aiming to miss. This had its challenges as the survey was done in the middle of strip-out but with numerous site visits we were able to verify all of the structural elements.

More of a challenge was the exacting and often updated acoustics specification with zero sound breakout allowed in broadcasting and recording spaces. This made the coordination complicated and subject to change as the acoustic solutions changed.


The result was a fantastic looking facility